Sol29 Spring break 🐇🐥🥚

It’s finally almost over it’s almost the end of this week and it’s going to be on spring break if I will get to see my cousins again. Once I see him again we’re probably going to do the same things we gonna play video games and then we’re going to go for an Easter hunt. That is why I always love a start at least get to see my cousins and Joyce fun to play fun board games are we  Play potato sack race that was really fun and this is my broker today I hope you have a good spring break as well tell me what you’re gonna do in the comments below .✌️

Sol28 squirrels 🐿

Squirrels the most adorable things in this world  but no one really cares about  squirrels 🐿  Schools are really nice and eat a lot of seeds so they don’t really .  Hurt  the  environment That’s what I think about  squirrels put your comments on the mole what you think about squirrels

Sol21 my top 10 favorite video games🕹

My    Top 10 Favorite video game

1  Mario odyssey

2   The legend of Zelda majora‘s mask

3  fortnight

4 The  legend of Zelda breath of the wild

5  mega man 11

6   Plants vs  zombies  2

7  The legend of Zelda  ocarina of time

8 fallout 76

9  Mario kart

10  snipper clips

And I have a question for you  what is your favorite video game  comment down below

Sol12 Pizza 🍕

 Pizza  The most delicious meal on Fridays  it was Friday night but I open the box and steamy cheese places of the steamy cheese I can smell from across the room I grab a piece chomp  delicious sauce with the cheese and bread is really good as it is the pepperoni really good day .

Sol5 River Ride🦖

One year I went to Universal Studios and it was a Jurassic park ride my family was too afraid to go so I went by myself we went through us move the river in the ride then dinosaurs creepy dinosaur started popping up everywhere and finally T. rex  tried to chop me  then  we went down the waterfall  my aunt asked how it was I said terrible but awesome !

Hello everyone I like to  to make a Lego sets

And I like to sleep  and i  to each foods

I have a cat and a dog their names is snowy and  miyu. And I love them a lot  and I have wonderful friends . And I like Harry Potter .